Ava Ray Doodles

In the beginning... there was a bored young girl, who only had a pen and paper to kill time. For many years, she went through the motions, unaware of who she was, what she was doing, and the beauty of what flowed through her right hand.

As life took her on the journey of beautiful highs and humbling lows, her pen and paper held on for the ride. With a little help from her friends, she begun to recognize the value of her work, herself, and appreciate the power of pure self expression. 

Ava’s work captures our natural world, and our natural minds. Some pieces display intentional snapshots from faraway lands, waters, and creatures. Others, seemingly less intentional, actually demonstrate how presence + "freestyle" drawing, results in what she believes are snapshots of the temporarily unpolluted mind. While entering a meditative trance-like state, her mental movements are transmuted into ink illustrations on paper.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this space, and be apart of Ava's journey.